Animation in Advertising (Chapter 6, 15)

An increasing number of advertisements include animation in the presentation, both in consumer and business-to-business ads.

522 productions

Do you agree with the arguments made in the 522 article? Why or why not?

Spiel Creative examples

Evaluate the ads presented in the Spiel article.

1.  What do they have in common?

2.  What makes them stand out?

3. What advertising objectives do they seek to achieve?

4. How would you evaluate the success or failure of these ads?

Spokesperson Dilemma (Chapter 6, 14)

AT & T experienced a disturbing episode with regard to the company’s advertising spokesperson.

Insider News Article

Response on YouTube

  1.  Beyond public relations statements, should a company take more action against this type of abuse, or would it simply magnify the problem?
  2.  What is a company’s ethical responsibility in this situation?
  3. Milana Vayntrub has continued to portray Lilly in AT & T advertisements. What impact will this circumstance have on the company’s marketing program, short and long term? Consider the company’s response to the harassment when forming your answer.

Frank’s Red Hot (Chapters 6, 7, 8)

This Frank’s Red Hot commercial has over 19 million views on YouTube.

The Commercial

  1.  Evaluate the type of advertising appeal and intended audience.
  2.  In terms of advertising objectives, which is the most likely intended goal, and why?
  3.  What types of television programs are the most likely candidates for placement of the ad?

television news story

Notice that the primary line in the ad is not new, in fact, more than a decade old.

1.  Why did this current commercial seem to gain to much attention now?

2.  Explain the interaction between social media and traditional television as it applies to Frank’s Red Hot approach.

New Tagline/New Appeal? (Chapters 5 & 6)

KFC announced a temporary change in tagline.

CNN Story

  1.  Do you believe this change was necessary? What impact might the “finger lickin'” tagline have on consumers in the current environment?
  2.  What type of advertising appeal should KFC use in upcoming marketing communications?
  3.  Develop a phrase to take the place of, “It’s finger lickin” good!”


Tracking Children (Chapter 14)

A disturbing new trend has emerged with regard to marketing and children.

CNN Story

  1.  What legal issues arise in this story?
  2.  What ethical/moral stories are present?
  3.  If you were employed in a company that used such tactics, what would you do?

Doritos Post Limon (Chapter 5)

This Doritos Post Limon advertisement clearly targets a more distinct audience.

Doritos Ad

  1.  Develop a creative brief that would explain how this advertisement was prepared.
  2.  Select the media you believe would be most appropriate to run an ad such as this.
  3.  Identify the audience that would either dislike or not see an ad such as this. How would you reach that audience for this product?

Beat The Heat Car Seat (Chapter 5)

An ingenious 12 year old girl has created a car seat designed to prevent deaths in children who are left in hot cars.


Good Morning America Story

YouTube video

1.  Create an advertisement for this product with the hierarchy of effects model.

2.  Create an advertisement for this product using the means-ends approach.

3.  Create an advertisement for this product using visual and verbal elements.

4.   What type of ad agency would be best suited to promote this product, one that specializes in traditional media or one with expertise in digital approaches? Explain your answer.


New “Got Milk” Ads (Chapter 4)

A generation ago, “Got Milk” ads were deemed highly successful on a number of fronts. Currently a new wave using the old theme has launched.

The original ads were based on “deprivation research” in which subjects were asked to go without milk for one week and report what happened. This led to campaigns focusing on how milk fits into daily living. Watch the CNN story and see how the thinking has changed.

CNN Story
First Got Milk Commercial

1.  What is the target market for the new Got Milk ads?

2.  How is the new Got Milk campaign different from the original?

3.  If you were in charge of creating a new campaign for milk, choose a target market and a method for reaching that market. Would you use the Got Milk format or some other? Which media would you choose?

Brand and Product Name Changes (Chapter 2)

Social upheaval in the United States and around the world revolving around issues of race has impacted many aspects of culture. Business and marketing communications are no exceptions.


  1. Do you remember the first controversy associated with the Dixie Chicks/Chicks? How does this brand name change differ from that episode in the band’s career?
  2. Can you think of other performers that have names that people might find to be offensive? Should those individuals and groups follow suit?
  3. Explain the marketing communication challenges associated with apologizing for a brand name such as Aunt Jemima and building a strong new brand in its place.
  4. As of July 4, 2020, these were the main brand name changes. The Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians organizations contemplated name changes but had not done so. Both teams earn considerable amounts of money from merchandising of jerseys and other items. How would a change affect marketing communications for those teams?
  5. Several of the companies that changed brand names also made donations to organizations supporting racial equality. How will the public view such efforts, with appreciation or with suspicion? Explain your answer.

Changing World of Marketing Communication (Chapter 1)

Marketing and marketing communications programs have experienced considerable change. Advertisers have moved away from traditional media and shifted funds to digital and alternative channels. Messages have been altered to account for emerging social trends.


Decline in mail deliveries

decline in newspapers

altruistic advertising

social media advertising

retail sales decline BEFORE coronavirus

Discussion Questions

  1. What types of companies would be most affected by declines in newspaper subscriptions, where they typically advertise?
  2. Why have companies moved away from “snail mail” for advertising purposes?
  3. Can you think of examples in which a company has tied advertising to a social cause or charity? Did it create a favorable or unfavorable impression that would lead you to purchase or avoid that company?
  4. In addition to newspapers and mail, traditional radio and television channels have also experienced declines in viewership/listeners. How might this trend affect a marketing communications program?
  5. Retail sales have been in trouble for a long period of time. How can these companies respond, especially in light of current conditions? What marketing communications messages would work the best?