Coca-cola is an iconic brand that is recognized worldwide. But, to maintain its brand position, To maintain its brand position, Coca-Cola’s marketing team uses traditional media along with social media and guerrilla marketing programs.

Guerrilla Marketing Videos:

Other Coca-Cola Resources:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the guerrilla marketing campaign videos. Which did you like the best? Why?
  2. Examine the list of characteristics of guerrilla marketing. Which characteristics would apply to the Coca-Cola guerrilla marketing campaign? Why? Which would not apply? Why not?
  3. Examine Coca-Cola’s Instagram and Pinterest pages. What is available on the sites? Does it integrate well with the guerrilla marketing campaign? Why or why not?
  4. What information is on the YouTube channel for Coca-Cola? Why is it there?
  5. Based on all of the material you have viewed, what message is being conveyed by Coca-Cola? Provide support for your answer.

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Co-author of textbook.

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