Social media has become an important component of integrated marketing campaigns. Many brand managers are looking for ways to best utilize this medium. Here are some good videos on various topics in social media.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the documentary on how social networks have changed the world. Summarize its content. Discuss what you think are the major ways social networks have changed your life, those of your family members, and the world around you.
  2. With the second video, what are the digit marketing trends and how is social media a part of these trends?
  3. Watch the video on social media marketing. Describe the four steps discussed in the video and why they are important in social media marketing.
  4. According to the fourth video, what is social sentiment? How is it measured? Why is it important to brands?
  5. Identify and discuss the steps explained in the “Creating Social Media Strategy.” How could these be used in developing a social media strategy for a fastfood restaurant?
  6. According to the last video what are the five most important social media metrics? Discuss how these impact social media strategy.

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