Harley Davidson (motorcycles) has gone from near bankruptcy and quality-control problems to a iconic brand with a strong brand community of followers. These videos highlight this journey. Several of the videos are speeches by Ken Schmidt, of Harley Davidson, and not only tell the story of Harley Davidson’s success, but provide excellent information on how strong brands are built.

Harley Davidson resources:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the first three videos about Harley Davidson. For each video, identify the main point or points being made in the video. What does the video tell you about Harley Davidson?
  2. Examine Harley Davidson’s YouTube Channel. What information is on the site? Why is it there?
  3. Examine the Instagram and Pinterest pages for Harley Davidson. What information is on each of the sites? How does this fit with the Harley Davidson brand?
  4. Examine the Harley Davidson website. What information is on the website?
  5. After examining all of the resources, describe how the Harley Davidson brand was re-built and what makes it unique.
  6. Why has Harley Davidson built such as strong brand community? Provide examples to support your answer.

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