Jeep has built a strong brand community through its understanding of consumer behavior. Examine the following resources, then answer the questions that follow.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Describe the external search process you went through in purchasing your last vehicle. How extensive is the external search process for most consumers for a new vehicle?
  2. Examine the three television ads for Jeep. Which did you like the best? Why?
  3. Examine the consumer buying trends discussed in the chapter. Which trends do the TV ads exploit? Explain.
  4. What information does Jeep provide on its YouTube Channel? Based on the concepts of consumer buyer behavior presented in the chapter, discuss why you believe this information is on the YouTube channel.
  5. Examine Jeep’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Discuss the three components of attitude in terms of the Facebook and Twitter page designs. Provide specific illustrations to justify your discussion.
  6. Examine Jeep’s website. Discuss the content of the website in terms of providing information for an external search.

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