Selecting an advertising agency is a challenging and time-consuming task for a client company. The first two videos deal with the selection process, the third video looks at how an agency tackled the challenge of marketing broccoli, and the fourth video is a tour of an advertising agency in Toronto.


Discussion Questions:

  1. According to the first video, what services do an advertising agency provide?
  2. According to the first video, how does a company select an advertising agency? What do you look for?
  3. According to the second video, what factors are involved in the selection process? Discuss how each factor impacts long-term success.
  4. How do the factors discussed in the second video apply to selecting an advertising agency?
  5. In the third video, before designing an advertising campaign, what type of research did the agency conduct? Explain why and how it benefited the agency’s team.
  6. In the third video, describe what happened during the strategy session.
  7. In the third video, discuss the connection between advertising strategy and advertising creative. Provide specifics.
  8. What impressed you about the tour of the advertising agency in the fourth video? What did you like?

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