Sponsorships are a major component of integrated marketing for Adidas. The brand is involved in most major sports and with a large number of athletes. Instead of posting all of the ads and videos on one YouTube Channel, Adidas uses multiple channels.


Questions and Exercises:

  1. Examine each of the YouTube channels. Identify the videos and information on each channel. Discuss for each channel the rationale for the items uploaded by Adidas.
  2. What similarities do you see among the channels? Be specific.
  3. What differences do you see among the channels? Be specific.
  4. Examine the Website of Adidas. Describe the information that is on the site. Discuss how integrated the website is with all of the YouTube channels.
  5. Locate two Adidas ads that you like. Provide links to the ads. Explain why you like each one.
  6. What social media does Adidas have a presence? Provide links to each social media. Discuss the look of each social media page to the YouTube channels and website.

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