Interstate Batteries is an active sponsor with NASCAR and is easily recognizable by NASCAR fans.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the first two ads for Interstate Batteries. What are your thoughts about the ads?
  2. Access the YouTube Channel for Interstate Batteries. What information is on the site? Why has Interstate uploaded these videos?
  3. Watch the three videos with Kyle Busch. Was this a good person to sponsor for Interstate Batteries? Why or why not?
  4. Is NASCAR a good fit for Interstate Batteries? Why or why  not?
  5. Examine the website of Interstate Batteries. Identify aspects of the site related to sponsorships. How are these elements portrayed on the website? Be specific.
  6. Compare the Facebook and Twitter pages to the website. Discuss similarities and differences you see.
  7. Examine the other social media sites (LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+). For each, identify sponsorship elements. Do you think each of these sites is beneficial to Interstate? Why or why  not?
  8. If Interstate Batteries wanted to sponsor another sport, which sport would you recommend? Why?

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