The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization designed to benefit both consumers and  businesses. Learn more about the BBB through the following links then answer the questions that follow.

BBB Resources:

Questions and Exercises:

  1. Examine the YouTube channel for the BBB. What types of videos are posted? Access one of the videos and write a 2 paragraph report on its content.
  2. Access the website of the Council of BBB. What information is provided? Describe the information under each of the primary tabs.
  3. Access BBB’s Facebook and Twitter pages. What information is available? How can these social media sites be used by consumers?
  4. Access BBB’s LinkedIn page. What purpose does this page serve for the BBB? What about consumers?
  5. Access BBB’s Pinterest page. Describe the information provided on this site? How can this social media page be used by consumers?
  6. Access BBB’s Flickr page. What information is on this page?
  7. Access the BBB YouTube Consumer channel. What information is available on this channel? How is it different from the first YouTube channel? Be specific.
  8. Access the FourSquare site. Locate the BBB in your area. What information is located on this site? How can it be of value to consumers?
  9. Access the BBB Google+ page. What information is here?
  10. Summarize all of the social media sites of the BBB and describe how these can be of value to consumers? What about businesses?

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