Segmentation, targeting and positioning are critical components of IMC planning. The first video describes the process used by McDonald’s. In the second video, Graeme Newell highlights some of the best positioning practices.

Video – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning for McDonald’s

  1. Instead of brand managers, McDonald’s has a different structure. Describe this structure and how it is perceived as a better approach. What are the advantages of this structure?
  2. In terms of salads, how are African Americans different? What strategy did McDonald’s use with this market segment?
  3. How are the Hispanic and Asian markets different than the African American market? How did this impact the advertising?
  4. What is your overall evaluation of McDonald’s approach? Be specific.

Video – Positioning a Brand: Best Practices by Graeme Newell

  1. Based on this video, what constitutes good brand positioning?
  2. Do you agree with this video’s understanding of positioning? Why or why not?

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