As described in Chapter 4, Carnival Cruise Lines developed a segmentation strategy based on non-users. They developed a campaign targeting individuals who had never been on a cruise, which is 76 percent of Americans.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the three television ads. What is your reaction to each? Which do you like the best? Why?
  2. Review the three television ads. Who do you think is the intended target audience for each, in terms of demographics and psychographics? Support your answer.
  3. Access Carnival’s YouTube Channel. What is your reaction to the design of this channel? What type of information is provided? Why?
  4. Based on the television ad and YouTube channel, has Carnival targeted “non-users:” successfully? Why or why not?
  5. Review Carnival’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Who is being targeted with each? Explain.
  6. Review the product positioning strategies described in the chapter. Which positioning strategy is Carnival using? Support your answer with specifics.
  7. Review the VALS groups described in the chapter. Which groups should Carnival target? Why?

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