Branding is a critical component of integrated marketing communications. Companies spend considerable time and money to ensure its brands succeed. Brands are now seen as assets that must be managed rather than an expense item. Interbrand each year identifies the top 100 global brands and estimates the value of each brand.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Summarize the content of the Gillette video. What impressed you the most about Gillette’s branding strategy? Explain, provide specifics.
  2. How does Interbrand measure brand value?
  3. Explain how Interbrand creates and manages brand value.
  4. What are the risks of rebranding?
  5. Based on these three videos, explain why branding is important? Be specific.
  6. What are your two favorite brands? Why do you like these brands? How do these brands reflect the information contained in these videos?

About Dr. Donald Baack

Co-author of textbook.

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  1. Timotheus Lee says:

    Hi Dr. Baack,

    I am a lecturer with UCD, and will be using your book for my marketing course in Hong Kong. In the lecturer notes, there was a part about Kantar Millwood Brown and the 4 top Chinese brands. The notes said Tencent, China Mobile, Alibaba, and ICBC.

    May I find out if they are still the top 4 Chinese brands today? And could you share with me more info about this?

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