Chapter 12 examines the use of consumer and trade promotions within an integrated marketing campaign. The pizza industry, including Papa John’s, often use consumer promotions to encourage purchases.

Resources for Papa John’s:

Discussion Questions and Exercises:

  1. Examine Papa John’s website. What consumer promotions do you see? Do you believe these are good promotions for consumers like yourself? Why or why  not?
  2. Are consumer promotions offered on Facebook and Twitter? If so, describe them? If not, why do you think promotions are not offered?
  3. How well is Facebook and Twitter integrated with the content of the website? Be specific.
  4. Examine Papa John’s blog. What information is provided on the blog? Who do you think is the target market for this blog? Would this blog be a good place to place consumer promotions? Why or why not?
  5. Papa John’s has a page on Followgram. What information is on the page? Are there any promotions offered? If so, how do they fit with the brand’s website? If promotions are not offered, would this be a good place to offer consumer promotions? Why or why not?
  6. Look at Papa John’s YouTube channel. What information is offered on the channel? How well is the YouTube channel integrated with the other resources you have examined? Be specific.

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