Sales promotions are prominent for grocery stores, such as Brookshire’s. Most promotions will be from manufacturers, but some will be from the grocery store.


Discussion Questions and Exercises:

  1. Examine Brookshire’s website. Identify the types of promotion featured on the website. What types of consumers are these designed to reach? Explain.
  2. Examine Brookshire’s Facebook and Twitter pages. What promotions do you see? How well integrated are these pages with the brand’s website? Provide specifics.
  3. Examine Brookshire’s pinterest page. What information does Brookshire’s post on the account? Why is this information posted? Why would Brookshire’s even have a pinterest page? Explain.
  4. Examine Brookshire’s YouTube channel. What information is posted? Why has this information been posted? How is the YouTube channel integrated with the other resources you have examined? Explain.
  5. Examine Brookshire’s Google+ page. What information is posted? Why is this information posted?
  6. Locate the websites of two other grocery stores in your area. Compare each of these websites to Brookshire’s. What similarities do you see? What differences to you see?
  7. How important are sales promotions to grocery stores? Explain.
  8. Which is better for grocery stores, the store’s own promotions or manufacturers’ promotions? Justify your answer.

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