Hooters has developed a successful social media presence. Examine the following resources, then answer the discussion questions.

Resources for Hooters:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Access the website of Hooters. What information is provided on the website? What ways does Hooters provide individuals to engage or stay connected with the brand? Evaluate the strategy being used with each of these methods of engaging customers.
  2. Examine Hooters social media resources – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What themes do you see on these pages? Are they well integrated? Why or why not? Using some of the metrics discussed in the chapter, describe the effectiveness of these social media pages.
  3. Examine the YouTube Channel of Hooters. What content has Hooters placed on the channel? Why do you think it is provided?
  4. Figure 9.4 identifies reasons brands use social media. Based on the social media you have examined, what is Hooters wanting to accomplish? Support your answer with specifics.
  5. Access Pinterest and use the search to locate boards and pins featuring Hooters. What volume of activity do you see? What tends to be the themes of these postings?
  6. Watch the two television ads. Do they fit the theme of the social media strategy?: Why or why not?
  7. Based on all of the material you have examined for Hooters, evaluate the brand’s media strategy. Provide details to support your answer.

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