Covergirl is one of the most well-known cosmetic brands. In addition to providing excellent products, the brand has been very successful in social media. For instance on YouTube videos about Covergirl have been viewed 251 million times, 99% of those are generated by its loyal fans.

Resources for Covergirl:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Examine Covergirl’s website. What type of information is provided? What the ways Covergirl encourages engagement with the brand?
  2. Examine each of the social media networking sites provided under resources. For each site discuss the reasons you believe Covergirl is involved in social media marketing. Use Figure 9.4 to guide your discussion of each site.
  3. Figure 9.9 provides reasons why consumers follow brands. For each of the social media networking sites listed in resources for Covergirl, discuss why you think fans would follow Covergirl through that particular networking site.
  4. After completing the first 3 questions, evaluate the overall social media strategy used by Covergirl. What are the overall objectives of Covergirl in its involvement with social media? Do you believe Covergirl has a successful presence on social media? Why or why not?

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