Advertising uses a wide variety of message strategies, appeals, and executions. Watch each of the following television ads. Answer the questions below about each ad and then the summary question when you have watched all of the ads.Television Ads:

Questions about each TV ad:

  1. What message strategy did the ad creators use in the advertisement? Provide specifics from the ad to support your answer.
  2. Which appeal was used in the advertisement? Support your answer with specifics from the ad.
  3. Was more than one appeal used? If so, what other appeals were used? How well did they work together? Explain.
  4. What execution was used in the ad? Provide support for your answer.
  5. Did the ad use a spokesperson? If so, which type was it? Evaluate the spokesperson in terms of source characteristics. Be sure to provide support from the ad for your thoughts.
  6. What is your evaluation of this advertisement in terms of ad design?

Summary Question: Which television ad did you like the best? Why?

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