One interesting new approach to marketing cruise line travel recently emerged.  The “Wonder Awaits” campaign launched by Celebrity Cruises features a musical appeal to the tune of “White Rabbit,” as performed by the 1960s band Jefferson Airplane.  The approach may have Baby Boomers scratching their heads.


  1. Watch the Wonder Awaits full commercial.  Read the comments that follow.  What do you think is the marketing strategy behind choosing White Rabbit as background music for a luxury cruise line?
  2. Read the full lyrics to the song.  Do you think the words might offend people who are familiar with the tune?  Explain your answer.
  3. Watch the Marketing to Baby Boomers video.  Would the Wonder Awaits commercial fit with a successful tactic for reaching Baby Boomers?  If so, why?  If not, which demographic might the commercial seek to influence?
  4. Incresingly, musical appeals are used with specific targets in mind.  Watch 5 commercials designed to reach different age groups.  Note the musical choices for each group.  Explain the importance of matching the music to the target audience in an integrated marketing communications campaign.
  5. Do you think age-specific musical campaigns run the risk of alienating or boring other potential target market groups?  Why or why not?

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