Winter is the height of the cold and flu season.  Several options are available to those who have the illness.  Marketers seek the best methods for convincing consumers that certain products offer the best remedy.


  1. Use the Hierarchy of Effects model described in Chapter 5 to explain how each of these marketing approaches may have been developed.
  2. Which element — cognitive, affective, or conative — is emphasized by the marketing message in each commercial or website?
  3. Explain how a Means-Ends chain approach applies to each of the products involved and the marketing message this is presented.
  4. Describe the use of visual and verbal images in each of the marketing messages.
  5. Which of the four products has the most effective marketing approach? Explain your reasoning.
  6. If you were asked to prepare a marketing campaign for a new, innovative method for treating the flu, which approach do you think would be most useful — the Hierarchy of Effects, attitude elements, a Means-Ends chain, or visual and verbal imaging? Defend your answer.

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