GEICO enjoys a long history of creating memorable and funny commercials for those seeking insurance. The company recently launched an innovative approach — a contest in which viewers would vote for their favorite ads from the past. Winners receive prizes as well as the opportunity to appear in an upcoming GEICO commercial. To enhance interest, the company began running ads from the past to help remind consumers of the various ads.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the first two videos launching the campaign. What types of message evaluations should the marketing team use to evaluate these messages?
  2. Watch the Hump Day commercial. Do your remember it? Did it change your opinion about GEICO at the time it ran?
  3. Watch the Caveman commercial. What is your response to it?  Do you believe evaluations of the campaign suggested it was successful? Why or why not?
  4. What risks might Geico take in promoting a series product such as insurance in a humorous way? What type of evaluation techniques would help GEICO’s marketing team in answering that question?

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