The first Cinnabon bakery opening in Seattle, Washington in 1985. Since that time, the company has enjoyed strong growth in freestanding locations in more than 50 countries. A second approach has been co-marketing programs with other providers. Two such companies include Pizza Hut and Schlotzky’s.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Visit the Cinnabon website. Can you find mentions of the company’s relationships with Pizza Hut and Schlotzky’s? Should the connection be more strongly emphasized? Why or why not?
  2. Watch the independent review. How might the two companies (Pizza Hut and Cinnabon) take advantage of favorable reactions to the co-marketing effort?
  3. Watch the Schlotzky’s ad. Does Cinnabon receive the proper amount of attention, or should it be highlighted more?
  4. The QSR analysis is favorable to the connection between Schlotzky’s and Cinnabon. Explain how this co-marketing effort might take advantage of the strengths of both brands.

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