The International House of Pancakes, or IHOP, is a well-known brand. Managing that brand for success required careful planning and marketing strategies.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the three television ads. Compare the first two ads to the last one. What image do each of the ads convey about IHOP?
  2. Brand names are important. Does it impact this company using the name IHOP rather than International House of Pancakes? Explain.
  3. Access IHOP’s website, Twitter page, and Instagram pages. Describe the image of IHOP each conveys.
  4. If you were in responsible for measuring IHOP’s brand equity, which of the four methods would you choose? Justify your choice.
  5. Identify the components of building a powerful brand. Evaluate IHOP in terms of being a powerful brand.

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Co-author of textbook.

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