Panera Bread has become a well-known restaurant that provides quality food and service. Access the following resources then answer the questions below.


Discussion Questions:

  1. After watching the television ads, discuss each component of attitude formation and how the ads approach each. Which attitude component sequence is most dominant? Explain why.
  2. Look at the consumer values listed in the chapter. Which consumer values do you see promoted in the television ads? Explain.
  3. In selecting clothes, which of the three evaluation alternatives is used most frequently by consumers? Explain how Hollister approaches the evaluation of alternatives in its television ads as well as the YouTube channel.
  4. What information and videos are onHollister’s YouTube channel? Discuss why you believe Hollister placed these items on the YouTube channel.
  5. Examine Hollister’s website, Facebook page, Pinterest page and Twitter page. What common elements do you see? What differences do you see? How well does Hollister integrate these digital sources with its YouTube channel and television ads? Explain.
  6. Examine the consumer buyer behavior trends presented in the chapter. Which trends does Hollister seem to utilize in its marketing communications? Explain with specific examples from their resources listed.

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