Overstock.com is a successful online retailer that has developed a unique reputation through a carefully orchestrated branding campaign. Recently, the retailer has embarked on a new campaign to change its image.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Before watching any ads or accessing any of the resources above, what is your image of Overstock.com? What does the name convey?
  2. Watch the first two television ads. At its founding, Overstock.did sell overstocked merchandise. But, now the company has expanded its product offering. How successful do you think Overstock has been in changing its image from an online retailer that sells overstocked merchandise to a retailer that sells every type of household furnishings?
  3. Would it be easier for the retailer to change its name, than its image? Why or why not?
  4. Watch the third television ad “Apparel” that was produced 5 years ago. What image does this ad portray and how is it different than the first two ads you watched?
  5. Examine the retailer’s website. What image is conveyed? Is is consistent with the three television ads? Why or why not?
  6. Examine Overstock’s Pinterest and Twitter pages. What image does each convey? Is it consistent with the website and TV ads? Why or why not?

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