Here are some videos you may want to use for Chapter 2 to introduce the various topics.

  • Strategic Identity & Corporate Image – This video discusses the importance of a company’s identity and image matching. (1:37)
  • What is Branding – This is a musical video that talks about branding, good video to launch the topic of branding. (3:00)
  • Top 5 Branding Tips – Angela Bains of CA Design presents her top 5 branding tips, especially good for small business brands. Students can discuss these tips and offer additional tips to build strong  brands. (1:45)
  • Top 10 Brands That Failed – This is a good video to illustrate the challenge in branding and why brands fail. (6:00)
  • Brand Loyalty Survey – good video with consumer interviews on the brands they are loyal to and why. Students could be asked to identify brands they are extremely loyal to and why. (3:59)

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