A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted Wal-Mart’s new image advertising campaign. Faced with recent criticisms of the company, marketers launched an advertising campaign entitled “The Real Wal-Mart.” This advertising campaign seeks to enhance Wal-Mart’s public image by telling the real story. In addition to the article, here are some of the ads developed as part of the campaign.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Before showing the ads and discussing the article, ask students their opinion of Wal-Mart. What image do they have of Wal-Mart?
  2. What is your evaluation of the new ads?
  3. Does it change your image of Wal-Mart?
  4. Do you think the individuals in the ads are real customers and employees or actors? Explain. Does it make a difference? Why or why not?
  5. One consumer said rather than spending millions to change its image, Wal-Mart should spend the money on developing better stores and improving wages for its employees. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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