Database marketing has become an important component of many integrated marketing campaigns. For this exercise, assume you are the marketing manager for Desert Sun Tanning. Access the company’s website then answer the following questions after viewing each video.


Discussion Questions and Exercises:

  1. Watch the video “Four Fundamentals of Database Marketing.” What are the four fundamentals? Discuss how these apply to Desert Sun Tanning.
  2. Watch the video “10 Database Marketing Tips.” Identify these 10 tips. For each, explain how it can be used by Desert Sun Tanning in its database marketing program.
  3. Watch the video “Geocoding.” How can geocoding be used by Desert Sun Tanning? Be specific.
  4. Watch the video “RFM Analysis.” Explain how RFM analysis can be used by Desert Sun Tanning. Be specific.
  5. Watch the video “Pirq Loyalty Programs.” Outline a loyalty program for Desert Sun Tanning. Explain how customers will be enrolled and how they will be maintained through the program.

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