For this exercise, assume you are the marketing manager for a chain of 8 clothing boutiques that targets 18-30 year old females with current fashion trends. The stores are located in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas.


Questions and Activities:

  1. Watch each of the videos taking notes as you watch. Identify points made in the videos about direct response marketing. Discuss how the information in each video would apply to direct response marketing for the clothing boutique.
  2. Review the list of methods of direct marketing presented in the textbook. Prioritize the list of methods for the clothing boutique from highest priority to lowest providing justification for your ranking.
  3. Design a direct mail piece that will be sent to females in the 18-30 age group. Be sure to follow the tips presented in the videos. Did you use urgency or scarcity? Why?
  4. Design an e-mail direct response to be sent to females in the 18-30 age group.

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Co-author of textbook.

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