To visitors of the blog.

Dr. Kenneth E. Clow passed away on November 22 at his home in Monroe, Louisiana.

He will be missed by all.

I have taken over the responsibility of adding new posts to the blog and will continue in the near future.

We had been working to finalize the 9th edition of Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications, and expect it will publish on schedule.

Thank you for the support of our work.


Donald Baack

About Dr. Donald Baack

Co-author of textbook.

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  1. Hello, Donald.

    I just read your post about Ken’s death – I am so very sorry! Ken and I had blessed email conversations last year and I was so sorry to hear of his illness. However, his vibrant faith was an encouragement to me.

    Your text has been a staple in my course for many years. As I told Ken, it is the best MarCom text available – it has a great balance of theory and practice that others do not have. I was so sorry to learn that you have no control over whether a Canadian edition is published. The original Canadian edition was published in 2012 and is extremely dated now. If you ever decide to push for an updated Canadian edition, I would love to work with you on it.

    Meantime, know that I will be praying for you as you carry on your work without Ken.


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