McDonald’s has in the past presented commercials noting that, for many people the company provided their first job opportunity. Building on this background, the organization’s HACER® National Scholarship program has generated considerable goodwill.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Visit the McDonald’s website for the HACER program. What is the target audience for the message?
  2. View the McDonald’s video. YouTube states the program should be of special interest to Hispanic students. How could the company strengthen the appeal of the program using other marketing communication tactics?
  3. Watch the McDonald’s commercial. Who is in the target audience for the message? What type of appeal is used?
  4. Read the Denver Post article. Describe how the McDonald’s program combines public relationships, a sponsorship program, and standard commercial advertising into a single package. Can you think of another company that has used a similar approach? If so, which one, and how did it work?

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