Methods for providing free samples to consumers continue to evolve. Beyond store visit approaches, many companies now provide samples via the internet–some for free and some in exchange for consumer information.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the Ambient video and read the College Sampling tips. Are these “traditional” approaches to sampling, or do they apply equally well to online sampling programs?
  2. Visit the Vonbeau site. Are these truly “free” samples, or do you need to provide personal information in order to obtain the items?
  3. Do you think people will be willing to give personal information in exchange for samples? What reservations might people have about such an approach?
  4. Visit the Freebies website. How does it differ from other free sample websites? (You can use Google to find other sites.)
  5. Do you think online samples are superior to simple direct mail sampling programs?  If so, how?

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