At times, even a relatively new company stands to benefit from an updated approach to its marketing communications.  The Leo Burnett Chicago agency created a new campaign, “Surprisingly Painless,” featuring celebrity Dennis Quaid seeking to create a “brand refresh.”  Watch the new approach in the first video, then compare it to the humorous method used in a previous Esurance commercial, the second video. Then read the Advertising Age article regarding the switch.


Discussion Questions:

  1. The Advertising Age article suggests that research was used to determine the basis for this new approach.  What type of research do you believe was involved? What did it reveal?
  2. Humor is used in both the previous approach to Esurance advertising as well as the new commercial.  Which market segment and what type of positioning do you think receives emphasis in these two commercials?
  3. What type of advertising budget best supports this brand refresh? Should the schedule be continuous, pulsating, or flighting?  Defend your approach.
  4. Esurance has featured celebrity voice-overs from individuals including John Krasinski in previous commercials, but now it has Dennis Quaid as an on-camera spokesperson.  Explain why this new approach was needed to create the greatest impact for the new campaign.

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