Chapter 3 presents a series of steps consumers undergo as part of the buying decision-making process. The chapter also describes various models of the decision-making process. This information would require adaptation for any commercial or advertisement designed to promote a new service.  Watch the following advertisements and view the fourth video about changes in buyer behaviors.


Discussion Questions:

  1. The Wag! commercial presents a service that has not been previously advertised nationally. How did the company discern a method to entice consumers to try the service?
  2. The GRUBHUB commercial presents an ongoing service (think of pizza delivery) but for other types of restaurants. How would the company know that buyers would be willing to try such a service?
  3. The Panera Bread Commercial may have been made in response to the entry of competition.  Explain how buyer behaviors would have been studied in order to reach the conclusion that the delivery service should be offered and promoted.  How is this different from a totally new service such as Wag!?
  4. After viewing the video on changes in consumer buying behaviors, how would the analysis apply to marketing totally new or adapted services such as these?

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