Marketers know that Hispanics are a huge and growing market. This article highlights the importance of marketing to Hispanic men. With white Americans, the female member of the household is often the decision maker for household purchases. Not so for Hispanics, a study by Mintel reports that 42% of Hispanic men and 55% of Hispanic fathers are the primary decision makers. Here are some other facts worth noting about household expenditures:

  • Older men are more likely to be key decision makers
  • Hispanic men from higher-income households are more likely to do the actual shopping
  • 2/3 of Hispanic men believe advertisers portray the wrong stereotype of them
  • Focus on value
  • Use niche media

Discussion Questions after students read the article, or the information is provided to the class.

  1. How are Hispanic men different than either white, African-American, or Asian men in terms of household purchases? What are the similarities?
  2. How should consumer package goods brands target Hispanic men, without creating the false stereotype?
  3. Are there differences among Hispanic immigrants, first-generation, second-generation, and even third-generation Hispanics?

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