Oreo cookies has been a favorite for millions of consumers over decades. The brand’s advertising makes an interesting topic for Chapter 5.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the first five Oreo commercials. What common elements did you see? Do these ads achieve visual esperanto? Why or why not?
  2. Examine the steps in the hierarchy-of-effects model. Which step, or stage, do the television ads display? Provide specific support for your answer.
  3. If you were to do a means-end chain for the television ads, what would be the attribute, the benefit, and the end value? Provide support for your answer.
  4. Oreo cookies have used the same basic approach, except for the first video, for decades. Do you think there is any wearout effects? Why or why not?
  5. Examine Oreo’s YouTube Channel. What information does it contain? How does the YouTube channel integrate with the television ads?
  6. Examine Oreo’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. What similarities do you see? What differences do you see? How well are these digital formats integrated with the advertising campaign? Explain.

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