The high prices of many prescriptions drugs have led to a great deal of debate and controversy. Many drug manufacturers, along with other companies, have introduced coupon programs to make the cost more manageable.


Martin Sheen SingleCare TV

GoodRX Message

Movantik Web Site

Discussion Questions

  1. What advertising tactic does the Martin Shenn advertisement use? What is the goal of the ad?
  2. What advertising tactic does the GoodRX Message use? What is the goal of the message?
  3. How does the Movantik web site deliver coupons? What conditions apply?
  4. Similar marketing tactics were used for erectile drug prescriptions until patents for ingredients expired. How are those products now marketed?
  5. Discuss the ethical implications of charging extremely high prices for drugs yet offering major discounts for them on company websites, noting that many times the coupons are made available to individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford the items.

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