One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.


Discussion Questions

  1. Compare the WW program that that offered by NOOM and the South Beach Diet. What is the primary message each company would seek to deliver to viewers?
  2. Locate advertisements for other weight loss approaches. How does each brand attempt to establish a separate and memorable image?
  3. What role would advertising clutter play in weight loss marketing programs that launch in early January each year?
  4. Do you believe traditional commercials (television, radio, magazines, billboards), alternative media, or digital media are best suited to advertising weight loss programs at the start of the New Year? Defend your answer.
  5. Which type of individual would be most prone to viewing a weight loss advertisement: females, males, younger people, middle age people? Explain your choice. Identify the best message for each type customer.
  6. Explain why a fully integrated marketing communications program would be vital to any weight loss program provider.

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