Michelin maintains a strong brand presence in the U.S. domestic market as well as in other countries.  Numerous activities have helped develop and maintain this advantage.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What characteristics come to mind when you think about the Michelin Tire company?
  2. Which tire companies are the most effective competitors to Michelin? How do they compete?
  3. Watch the video regarding characteristics of effective videos. Do you consider the Michelin Tire Man to be a logo, spokesperson, or does the animated character hold a unique distinction in marketing communication? Explain your answer.
  4. How has Michelin been able to maintain brand strength in the international marketplace?
  5. Explain how you would take the lessons learned from watching Michelin build and grow a strong brand presence and apply them to other companies or products.

About Dr. Donald Baack

Co-author of textbook.

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