Listed below are some YouTube videos that can be used for Chapter 13.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. The first two videos present the current problem of vanishing honeybees. These two videos can be a great springboard to discuss CSR (corporate social responsibility). Have companies done enough to protect our environment?
  2. The next two videos are about green marketing and green washing. These videos would be excellent to generate a discussion of green marketing and with the green washing video a discussion of sincerity can occur. How do consumers tell if a company is truly green or is it a disguise to boost sales?
  3. The public relations video is good for explaining the basic concepts of public relations.
  4. The cause-related marketing video can be used to generate a discussion among students about the impact of cause-related marketing on their attitudes towards brands and purchase behaviors. Are companies being sincere or is just another ploy to sell products?
  5. The last video is good summary of the issues of cause-related marketing, CSR, and community involvement. Discussion can follow on each of these topics and the facts presented in the video.

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