Here are links to some useful videos that can be used for Chapter 12.

  • Five Effective Sales Promotions – this is a good video for showing examples of promotions. However, all are examples of premiums (free giveaways), but reasoning and matching with the target audience is good.(6:45)
  • Fox news report on Sweepstakes – this news report talks about how to win sweepstakes. Can be used to spark a discussion of sweepstakes and why businesses would use them. (3:53)
  • Consumer Sampling – this video presents a sampling campaign that was used in the UK. (3:00)
  • Basics of Trade Promotions – through an interview, the basics of trade promotions are presented. (5:06)

Teaching Suggestion: These videos can be used as a springboard to discuss the various consumer and trade promotions used by companies. You might also ask students which promotions are the best and ask for suggestions on how to improve the response rate.

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