I like to use YouTube videos to enhance the learning experience in the classroom. While most videos I use are educational, I will also utilize humor to add some life to the class. Even these videos can bring a point home to students and just likes advertisements that use humor, sometimes it it these videos that students remember.

  • Media Planning is presented by the owners of Black Sheep Design Agency. The video discusses the primary factors in planning media. Additional items presented from the chapter include methods of budgeting. reach, frequency, CPM, and timing of ad placement. (2:46)
  • How to Select Your Advertising Medium presented by TeamAdBoss. The video discusses consumer vs business markets, niche markets vs. mass markets, location of audience, budget, and primary strengths/weaknesses of mediums (4:21)
  • Nielsen Ratings – 101 Introduction. This video is by Nielsen and discusses the basics of how Nielsen ratings are obtained. The video highlights their goal to measure online and video views in addition to television. (4:34)
  • How do TV Ratings Work? HQ. This is a humorous approach to explaining TV ratings. It is excellent at explaining how TV ratings are determined and some of the issues in TV ratings, such as DVRs, live viewing, live + same day viewing, live + 7 days viewing, impressions, C3 ratings, and cable network ratings. (5:54)
  • Nielsen Creates New TV Twitter Rating. This video was produced in December 2012 and presents a partnership between Twitter and Nielsen to gauge the reach of TV conversations that occur online via Twitter. After showing this video, you can discuss the feasibility of this new measurement methodology and its possible uses by advertisers. (5:57)

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